i can sense it
Friday, November 24, 2006
If I knew this was going to happen...

For all those times you used to smile, just to see me there.
And how you'd miss me whenever we were apart.
For all those times you'd get angry at me for going out with anyone but you.
And all the nights we'd stay up talking about everything and nothing.

Where are you? I don't see you anymore. You don't call me anymore. And I'm not brave enough to call you. But I want so much just to talk to you, see you and hold you like you were mine. You sent me a text message tonight and my heart skipped a beat. Because you said you missed me. I wanted to go home and tell you how much I had missed you too. But when I came home, you didn't talk to me. And when I talked to you, you wanted to go to sleep.

Well, I guess you keep wanting me to go out because when I'm out, I can't bother you. I guess you must be glad when other people are taking care of me, because it means you won't have to.

I can smell the death and decay.