I'd love to be your friend.
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
He is a spectacular person, if only someone knew. He is a kind and caring person with a dynamic personality, if only someone knew. He has so many dreams, fears and ideas, if only someone knew. It's such a shame that he is unable to form relationships, to share with people who care about him. Because we'd all love to get to know him.

He is so silly because he thinks that keeping his distance from everyone will save everyone trouble. He thinks by not discussing his problems, he can lead everyone to believe that he is fine and then they won't have to worry about him. But what he doesn't know is that it shows. Everytime he's angry, sad or frustrated - it shows. In every part of his face, it shows. I would love to carry half the burden for him, because that's what friends are for. I would do a wonderful job as a friend, but he doesn't know that.

He says he loves me, appreciates me and that I am his best friend. But he doesn't see that he's pushing me away, he's been pushing me away for a long time... I just pick myself up and try again. He doesn't know that if I didn't keep trying to get close to him, I would be long gone because he's pushed me so far away. He doesn't understand that I just want to be his friend. I just want him to let me get close to him, stand close to him and see what he sees, feel what he feels. He doesn't realise that if he loved me, appreciated me and that I really am his best friend, he wouldn't keep pushing me away. I want to open my arms for him and love him with all of my heart... but how can I love someone I don't know?

He thinks he's protecting me. But I don't need protecting. He thinks if he keeps up an image of perfection, that nothing is wrong... I will be happy. But I don't want perfection, I want to be his friend.