Monday, October 08, 2007
Random photos. Driving through Newtown, encountering traffic. "Take a photo of me!" - Jono. "Another one." "Okay. One more, at this angle." "Agaaain"! "Okay we'll take more later." LOL.

False eyelashes kill my life. Bought glue in to Prophecy. "Um what's this for? You can't bring it in." "IT'S FOR MY EYELASHES!!!!"

Skirt + Prophecy = tool.
Another funny thing I forgot to mention was that when they were checking ID in the line. The guy looked at my photo ID card, then looked at me as if I was suss or something right? Then he goes "Bankstown huh?" I was thinking WTF! But I said "Um yep." To which he replies "Heh.. Bankstown aye?" Followed by "How do you pronounce your name?" . . . . . . . And finally he goes "So you're from Bankstown? Have a good night."

Dude what the fuck. HAHAHA.