Wednesday, April 23, 2008
I'm going to study camp this long weekend.
So for Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be afk bbl ttys tc xx :)

By study camp I actually mean barricading myself and doing work 72 hours straight.

I figured if I went out this long weekend, I'd probably not sleep for that long anyway. And if I can manage to stay up for 72 hours partying - I can stay up for 72 hours doing work.

(24 + 24 + 24 is 72 right?)

These past three weeks, I've mostly been staying at Jiwon's house with Jingi because as you know, my mother is overseas. Being home alone is quite lonely. Coincidentally, Jiwon's parents went overseas for the same amount of time my mum is away. So I've been bunking there.

Three week summary:
I have not eaten a home cooked meal since my mum left. I'm not joking. I eat out everyday and now my liver is probably going to fail. Nonetheless I love MSG.
I have not been able to wash my clothes for three weeks, so I'm surprised I can still find clean clothes to wear. But now my wardrobe is empty and my laundry basket is as big as my house.

And tonight, I packed up all my clothes & uni shit and shoved it in the car and Jingi drove me back to my own home. BANKSTOWN. Then he would not leave because he didn't want to leave me. OMDG^%@^$^ How nice. But he left eventually.


Ok I will leave it at this for now, before I start rambling.