Sunday, April 06, 2008
This post is long overdue.

Find a korean boyfriend. They are the best in every single way. I always used to say korean men treat their women like dogs - WRONG! Unless by dog, you actually mean adored and brilliantly cared for family pet.

I don't feel like I need to convince anyone that my boyfriend is indeed, the best and no doubt, much better than yours. But he is, suckers. By a long shot.

Moving along. Joseph celebrated his nineteenth birthday this week. He also moved into his new apartment on Thursday. I am sure everyone agrees that it is a fucking nice place!! Can't wait for the house warming.

I am freaking pooped. On Friday night, we all drank at Joseph's apartment before going to Sublime. First time in about two months when the entire group went and ... we dominated the hardstyle room. Afterwards a few of us headed back to Joseph's and crashed there for the night. Jingi and I stayed up and watched The Day After Tomorrow (???????? why did we do that ????????) and slept for 6 hours. Jingi and I woke up at about 12, had lunch at Milliore and then drove to University to do work.


Angela Lam returned three weeks ago after being in Japan for a thousand years. She's leaving us tomorrow morning to go to back to Japan. But hopefully she will be able to come back to Sydney by September. HAVE A SAFE TRIP ANGELAMALAMA. xx

These are some photos that I have already posted on Facebook. But for the stalkers amongst you who aren't really my friends - here you go.

Sisi, Angela and Jingi at Q dance.

Ice-cream at Passionflower for Tony's birthday.
(Jingi, Sisi, Sel, Joseph, Tony)

Sisi and Alex
Birthday boy.
Campbell Street hood rats. Jokes.
Ben's birthday dinner at BBQ City. Diki, Chris, Jingi, Tony, Matt and Vincent
Matt, Tony, Ben and Sisi
Matt, Tony, Ben and Sisi
Chris, Jingi and Sisi