Monday, May 26, 2008
I am SO NOT AT PEACE with the world today. I have actually had a very fun-filled (probably more fun that I should have had) weekend. No details though. But being under the influence (of anything) really brings out the quirky side of people. Heh heh.

Okay. So back to me being NOT AT PEACE with the world. I feel a bit stressed out because I got my ILS assignment back and it was heaps shithouse. FUCKING SHITHOUSE. I want to cryyyyy. It was only worth 7% but that is beside the point. It was simple comprehension, and I underestimated it so much..... that I fucked it up. NO DETAILS.

Then. I didn't get any shifts at work last week although I am actually a professional market researcher. Now I don't want to brag (haha jokes) but I am so good at getting surveys done because the trick is: you have to make it sound like it's compulsary. The reason I didn't get shifts was because I'm never willing to stay at work until 10 like other people....... :( So now I told my field manager that I WILL STAY UNTIL 10. Hurrrrrts.

And. I have four examinations in the next few weeks and I must must must must must must do very very very well. Otherwise I will never forgive myself for all those late nights that I told myself I would spend the rest of the week making up for. Or all those unproductive hours where I chose to sleep because I was bored. Omfgwtf.

So yes. Last of all - money is so hard to come by but so easy to waste. WHY IS LIFE SO HARSH LIKE THAT!?!!??!

I'm not as unhappy as this post makes out. Here is a really creepy quote: angels can fly because they have learnt to take themselves lightly.

I hope that helps. Toodlessss.