Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Last night I got my hair cut & dyed. It's nothing out there - I'm much too old to be doing things too silly now. Just touched up the roots and got a trim.

Then Jingi came out and we went to Canterbury RSL (um better than Star City). We had $150 between us that we were prepared to gamble and lose. We went up and down for a while. Then we went to a machine and got the random jackpot of $60. And we didn't know what happened, we thought it was a glitch in the machine - so we took out and cashed in. Then we went to Big Red and lost $40 in the shortest time. Then he went to play BJ and lost $30 on that in about 2 seconds. Then he went to play Roulette and lost $70. Now we only had about $50 left. So he gave me $20 and I put it in Where's the Gold - AND I hit random jackpot again, but this time of $400. Cashed in and went home :)

And added another $400 to the overseas fund. :)

On that subject, I was looking online at the plane tickets and accomodation and fuck it's going to be hard to go overseas. I'm going to need a billion dollars.