Thursday, June 26, 2008
I LOVE HOLIDAYS. They are not overrated. I'm not going to get bored after a few days. I wish I could be like this for the rest of my life.

So my 'last' exam where the roof collapsed, was rescheduled to Saturday afternoon. So I missed out on doing anything cool on Friday night. But that's all in the past now - until 11th July when results come out :S

Moving right along. And since the holidays have started, I'm allowed to do whatever I want without feeling guilty. So I've taken up a naughty habit again (just for the next month) and I will refrain from saying anything more about this naughty habit. Except that I MIIIISSSEDD YOOUU and how nice food tastes when you're around. HAHAHAHA so now you know.

Transmission Magic City is coming up next on my veryveryvery busy schedule and it's much anticipated. HOWEVER I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO HOW MUCH IT IS GOING TO SET ME BACK in terms of moolah. But all in the name of good fun right? Should be fine... hope I find some wallets on the floor... haha kidding.

I said earlier that I LOVE HOLIDAYS and I do, but they really started off on the wrong foot. Like on the Saturday that I finished my exam, my boyfriend and I had a really huge fight that lasted until Sunday night..... which is as big as any fight we've ever had before. It was over something fairly stupid, as fights usually are. Basically because I felt like he hadn't waited for me to finish my exams before celebrating. Wow that sounded so much stupider typed up - but at the time, it was a big deal to me. And blahblahblah. Not wanting to bore everyone with all the finer details, it's all over now and we're as good as ever.