Friday, June 27, 2008
I opened up blogger for a reason. But unfortunately that reason has completely slipped my mind. So now I'm left here with nothing to say. And I just got a text message, I can hear it in the other room. And I know it's from Jingi because he is the only person who ever messages me :(

Which reminds me. I've been playing with his ipod touch lately because my nano is starting to malfunction (omg..I've only had it for a few months!!). And I really don't know what the fuss is all about. So it's touch screen which is cool. But you can't change songs when it's in your pocket because you might touch the wrong thing. And HOW ANNOYING is it to change songs anyway? Everytime you unlock it... it reads "To unlock, slide" and then you have to slide your finger across this bar on the screen... and it's all so complicated.

I HATE ALL TOUCH SCREEN THINGS. He also has the touch screen Nokia phone which annoys the hell out of me because I can't seem to use it. Bloooody annoying!!

Anyway. This was so pointless since I forgot what I actually wanted to talk about. Instead, I went off on a tangent about touch screen things. So before I make this any worse I'm going to stop.

And Transmission is on tomorrow :D I'm so excited!!!!! FUCK I LOVE HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

P.S. I also watched Get Smart today which was pretty funny. But it went on for a bit too long. Kungfu Panda and Hancock next on my list of movies to watch. :)