Thursday, June 19, 2008
I went to my last exam this morning at The Pavillion at Ranwick Racecourse, filled in all my forms and waited.... And a little piece of the roof fell right in the middle of the Pavillion. I didn't think much of it because I was sitting in the last row and this was my last exam. MY LAST EXAM. Who cares that I hadn't prepared for it? Who cares that I hadn't read any of the texts for the exam?

Then another little piece of the roof fell. Now there was a small hole in the roof. Still, the supervisors continued talking about the alphabetical order of the seating and so on. Then a third piece of the roof fell down.......... and we all had to evacuate.

And that was supposed to be my last exam. Now it's been rescheduled (probably end of this month or early next month). I guess the silver lining to the cloud is that now I have time to prepare... Maybe it's a sign :) Someone up there really wants to be do well.