Sunday, June 01, 2008
OMG fuck you. (This is not really directed to anyone... just felt like typing it!)

So. Since the last time I updated: nothing much has happened. I have listened to a few ilectures, kicked myself for not going to lectures and having to do half a semester in two weeks and... lost money (that I shouldn't be throwing around) on stupid pokies.

Stupidstupidstupid $1 machines. STUPID.

Jingi and I have pretty much spent all the money we got paid for last week - in a matter of one and a half days. Nice. But on the bright side, I have a carton of Winfield blues in my bag right now - that cost me $50 - so that means I don't need to buy cigarettes for another week.

Wait brb I'm going to check the weather forecast. Ok according to Yahoo.com.au, it's going to be CLOUDY - SHOWERS - SHOWERS - RAIN, Monday to Thursday respectively. That, sucks.