Thursday, June 05, 2008
One exam down, three more to go! I have to listen to more ilectures and more more more more more ilectures. Then some.

I've got to go to work now, which is the last place I want to go right now, but money calls. Before I go though, I just wanted to mention how much I dislike typing. 

What's with this craze of people bringing laptops to lectures and tutorials? IS THAT REALLY NECESSARY? I'm asking in all honesty because... there really isn't that much to take down and the internet ends up distracting you anyway. I see all you people logging onto facebook and not paying attention. 

It's just stupid. Who cares if you have a nice macbook? Fuck you. I wouldn't carry that thing around to take a few notes down and then never read those notes anyway. Fakerrrrs. 

I've always religiously handwritten all my notes. Call me old fashioned if you must. But I find it more effective, more time consuming yes... but more effective. When I do research, I jot notes down on paper. When I write draft essays I do it on paper. If the university didn't require all of us to double space typed size 12 font all our essays, I would hand write all of them. All 2500 words. 

I've always found hand writing things, even if you aren't paying too much attention, allows you to absorb knowledge better. I'm convinced anyway.
Then again I was convinced that if I listened to ilectures whilst I sleep (over and over again for 9 hours) - I wouldn't need to do anymore study :D