Saturday, July 26, 2008
Last Saturday was our six month anniversary which is pretty sweet and awesome. I guess six months isn't such a big deal, but I just thought I'd acknowledge that six months has passed and we still see each other everyday. Everything is excellent as always between us, except for the occasional hormone-fueled arguments :)

Saving money for the trip overseas is starting to get serious, which is why I managed to work 22 hours in 2 days. That's 12 hour shifts 9am - 9pm. I am pretty fucking amazing.

Next up. Batman THE DARK KNIGHT at Imax (the row second from the front / worst possible seat) was fantastic. Heath Ledger was fantastic. I've heard so many praises of his performance in the movie and I just wonder: would these comments be so nice if he weren't dead? No doubt he was a great joker, but if he wins an Oscar - you've got to ask whether or not there were any pity points in the voting. I mean, people must feel bad because if he doesn't win an Oscar for this... it's not like he's going to have another chance. /Rant.

Finally, the holidays are drawing to an end again. Now is the time for sleeping patterns to return to non-vampire ways. Now is the time to start talking about how hard we're all going to study this semester. Etc etc. Except that, unlike MOST people - I'll only be going to uni for one day this week and then I'm headed off to SUNSHINE COAST to get a fucking tan. Kidding (about the tan bit). And after that final chapter of these holidays, I will dedicate my life into uni and money-making so that after this shittysemester2 I'll say byebye haters and go to Korea, possibly Japan or China and living da vida loca.

And some photos from Jingi's phone which range from April to tonight. ENJOY!

Myself and Ben at the front of the yacht

Myself, Vanessa and Vera

Sisi Uchiha-Lee and Gaara

Eating at Ichi Ban

KATSU curry at Ichi Ban

Those loyal readers have all seen my old photo in a MAGIC jersey with hat, wrist band and shorts etc. Jingi decided to dress me up today and play Barbie and I'm a baller from the hat to the jersey to the wrist band to the shorts to the leg band thing to do Jordons. WNBA for sure. Kidding kidding.