Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Omg I saw the Rock Lee V. Gaara fight tonight and it was FUCKING awesome omfg. I love Rock Lee, he is an inspiration! :)

In other news, I got eyelash extensions today. $75 at Piccadilly (210 Pitt Street) Complex, Level 2. And I asked for the LONGEST ones they had, and told them to make it a bit longer on the outside corners of my eyes. The glue got in my right eye and it was red for about 2 hours and I was leaking tears through the entire process - BUT ONCE THE REDNESS WENT AWAY and I got used to the length of my eyelashes, I think I really like them :D I guess getting them retouched every so often isn't so bad.... we'll see how long these lasts and maybe this will be an ongoing monthly thing that I'll add to my budget.