Tuesday, July 15, 2008
So I started watching Naruto on Sunday and I was hooked. So much so that I watched 25 episodes in one day.

It was Shay's birthday on Saturday so we went to high tea at Sheraton on the Park and it was so yummy. Unlimited Max Brenner hot chocolate! Then at 5 we went to kareoke, followed by Ivy Bar. I really liked Ivy Bar, will definetely go there again despite it's white australia policy. After that, I went to Strathfield and had coffee with Ben and Ernest until about 1 or 2.

Ben dropped me home and Jingi came over and picked me up and I went back to his house and slept. And woke up and watched 25 episodes of Naruto. Heehee.

Anyway I'd recommend high tea at Sheraton, it's $49 buffet but you can't really choose much - just unlimited hot chocolate/coffee/tea, various cakes and small pastries, small sandwiches and baguettes. Plus you can also choose special stands that cost $69 - $79 which include things like pink melon soup with lobster, scallops, money duck bags, bomb alaksa etc etc.

And I definetely recommend Ivy Bar - but make sure you dress nice and be tall because everyone in there is a supermodel. Okay so I'm exaggerating but the girl that eyed us at the door made me feel like absolute shit. So felt pretty inferior for a while, contemplated whether I should just start asking people if I could take their empty cups and be the cleaner. Then I got over it when the bartender complimented me on my dress and I got picked up by some random guy. I guess that's how self esteem works haha. Cocktails were nice, not that expensive - $11 - $13? And the food was yummmmm, $7 could get you a HUGE basket of maccas-style fries and $10 for a smaller serving of Chorizo sausages that was still very yum.