Saturday, July 05, 2008
So you delete your facebook because of her. Cut ties with all your hold friends because of her. Have to sneak behind her back to even talk to your friends because of her............ And she doesn't even put out. You got a shockingly good deal. (pause). It's not like we can even say you're pussy whipped because you don't even get that!

If that girl goes apeshit because you so much as talk to me, I wonder how she'd react if she actually saw what we talked about. But I'm not a mean person. I'm not going to email her chatlogs just for shits and giggles. BECAUSE I AM 19 NOW. And I know better.

And you all know well enough how I feel about boys who think they're Mr. Whippy. It's not sensitive or charming. It's just retarded. You didn't evolve to be taller and stronger for FUN. It's not so you can follow her around like an accessory and fetch her the things that she desires. You of all people, I thought you'd know better.

So that's my two cents. If it is offensive and ignorant then good - I've succeeded. Because I never said I was fucking Judge Judy, upholder of truth and justice. I am Sisi Zhang, just offering her narrow-minded, judgemental and bias-filled view.