Sunday, August 03, 2008
I got back from the Sunshine Coast this afternoon and Sydney is TOO COLD! :( We went go-karting which broke every single bone and muscle in my whole body but was so much fun!!!! We played pokies and drank boost juice everyday. We went to the beach. We went on le PARTY BOAT to 'fish' but only Jamie caught a fish. And we went jacuzzi everyday. AND I LEARNT HOW TO SWIM... just kidding.

Halfway through the trip, I made a midyear resolution to be a more courageous person and starting getting over my nonsense fears. So I went go karting. On the same day, Jingi convinced me to go swimming in an OUTDOOR POOL at NIGHT and put my head underwater. Progessssssssssss.

So that'd be a big thanks to Sel, I hope she had an alright time even though she had a billion things to worry about.

I came back to Sydney and realised I'VE FUCKED UP MY ENROLMENT and now I have to enrol in another subject and I'll be a week late THAT'S FUCKING SO BAD OMGOMGOMGOGMOGM. DEATH DEATH DEATH. What am I going to do!!!???

Ok I'm calm. Speak sooooooon.