Friday, August 15, 2008
( I have too much work to do but am too lazy to start! )

Anyway. I just wanted to briefly mention this because, well I guess, I have nothing else to talk about. But how highschool is making things up and telling lies to sound cool to people you've just met or even to your friends. How highschool is making up what other people say just to have a story to tell even if it's completely untrue.

Not that I've never done it. But like I said, in HIGH SCHOOL maybe.

You.have.no.idea.how.silly.you.sound when people find out you've just been lying about yourself to be cooler than you are! You would have been better off telling the truth and being known as an average but honest person.

Aren't you a little bit old to be stirring shit for no reason? Telling other people I said this and that when I have NO RECOLLECTION of having said anything even CLOSE to that.

But here is how we are different. I know I am too old to be telling everyone you're a fucking liar so that people will side with me. I am too old to be a little Year8 bitch writing notes on people's lockers and blahblah whatever hell you do. I am way too old. And unlike you, I know better.

So you keep at it. Keep playing Mean Girls with your friends and acting like me when I was in Year9 or something. In the famous words of Coolio (hahaha) "I ain't trying to preach, I believe I can reach BUT YOUR MIND AIN'T PREPARED. I'LL SEE YOU WHEN YOU GET THERE (if you ever get there.)"