Friday, August 08, 2008
I was reading the '3 page special' about the Chinese Olypmics and how it's going to be shit in The Daily Telegraph.

To keep it short and simple.
1) Saying the pollution levels in China are "lethal" is a bit over the top considering a billion people go about their daily business without dropping dead.
2) Saying that the Chinese have a history of poor sportsmanship because (and I quote) they "spit, scream and swear." Well at least they don't stab people with knives during games and rape girls etc etc like the Bulldogs games.

And last night while listening to the Australian commentary for the AUS versus USA basketball game, I realised that once again - Australian arrogance shone through. Rather than call it commentary, I think a better word would be "justifcation". There's always an excuse for Australian athletes not to come first. And it's never that they are just shit.

Please pay attention to this while you are listening to any commentary on Channel 7 during the entire length of the Olympics. Every time Australia fails to come first, it will be because a) the 'lethal' pollution levels in China affecting the more-than-holy Australian athletes or b) the athlete has some sort of injury/family problem/excuse to not be performing their best.

Do Australians need to be spoon fed bullshit continuously to maintain the idea that they are the best people in the world? Are we the same as the United States? Can we never admit to being wrong and failing? Is this country so backward that we cannot admit that we didn't come first because we aren't the best?