Saturday, October 11, 2008
Only 5 minutes remain of Saturday. What the hell happened to the other 1435 minutes? Yes I did use desktop calculator to work that out... 60 x 24 - 5 = 1435 Haha. Yes I know you're amazed I figured that out on my own. WELL F YOU.

So today... I woke up at about 12pm and then ate and watched a movie about RED OCTOBER which was about a Soviet submarine that is almost completely silent (so absolutely deadly because the US radars in the Atlantic ocean would just think it is a whale or something.. but definitely NOT a submarine). And on that submarine was one of the Soviet Union's greatest submarine general guys and he was actually planning to defect to the USA. And then I fell asleep... and woke up at 3:30pm and messaged my boyf about how I fail at life and can't do any work.

THEN. I ate again and went on Facebook and killed some time. Then I found my sister's Highschool Musical 2 DVD on the table and decided that I'd watch that and then do a shitload of work and graduate and stuff. But then....... the DVD player wasn't working so I made my mum fix it for me while I ate all the popcorn. Then I watched the movie and it kicked some serious ass and I reaaaaaaaaaaally don't like Troy's eyebrows. Ryan is my favourite character.

Then I made my mum drive me to Woolworths at like 9pm to buy Garnier instand melt-in mask for coarse, rebellious hair. NOT THAT I THINK MY HAIR IS COARSE OR REBELLIOUS... but anyways - it smells really nice. I also bought a magazine. Then I went home and used the instand melt-in mask and now my rebellious and coarse hair is no longer! And I also read the magazine from cover to cover. And this might make all you gals out there feel a bit better:

APPARENTLY, our boyfs think about us more than we know :) Awwww. And there wasn also an article about SPECIAL K which is a drug for horses that people take at clubs now. That is fucked up fucking junkies omg. And then there was another article about how sperm has heaps of protein in it, more than a whole PORK CHOP. Wow. That REALLY makes me want to swallow now.... NOT. There is also spray-on condoms that are being manufactured in Germany LOL. It takes 7 minutes to set though.... so definetely not for the impatient. And now they have invented some powder that you mix in a drink to feed to your boyf to make his spunk less funky-smelling.

... I think there must be a conspiracy amongst all women magazines to encourage women to give more head. Well F that I did not spent $7.20 because I wanted to know about the male G-spot because I already know everything from experience because I am a whore. Just kidding. HAHAHA.

(If anyone read to this point. Kudos to you. Get a life you fuck!!!!)