Wednesday, October 08, 2008
Parklife was on Sunday.

Jingi and I had to buy tickets at the door, which meant continuous shouting at randoms and asking if they had spare tickets for two hours or something. THEN finally I got a ticket for $150 and Jingi paid $200 for his ticket. So, yeah, we got jipped.

But in the end it was all worth it though because Parklife was SWEEEEEEEET. And it didn't rain, which made me a bit sad because I had these clear ponchos that I had bought for $5 at the store outside Central station, in hopes of selling them for like $20 at Parklife.

Long story short. Walked back to Central. FUCKING tired. Didn't smoke. So ended up tossing around in Jingi's bed for like 6 hours until the sun came up before I finally dozed off. Then I woke up every 20 minutes and had a pretty crappy sleep. Scat was the WORST.

But now it's over. And now I have a trillion assignments to do. And my brain has holes in it and those holes will not get filled for 12 years. AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!