Friday, November 28, 2008

That I have hopped onto the vampire bandwagon and OMGOMGOMGOMG TWILIGHT omg coolest book ever. No wonder it's placed 2nd on the top 100 book list, after Harry Potter. FUCKING VAMPIRES ARE AWESOME. I hope my blood smells good so one day, a good vampire will fall in love with me etc etc etc.

And. Also I AM GOING OVERSEAS IN LIKE 5 DAYS. I'm so excited!!! Jingi was looking at the korean websites where you can find 1 month short-term stay studios/apartments and they are so cheap. Especially with the hectic exchange rate (South Korean won is depreciating worse than the AUD apparently... so this is a good time to go there!) And I am so happy.
So happy. SO HAPPY.

I was saying to Jingi on the way home tonight, how I was actually really excited about eating aeroplane food. And I REALLY REALLY AM! Does anyone else not like how aeroplane food is set on a tray, sorted into sections. Like the breadroll & butter in one little box. Then your main meal in another little box. And a salad in another one. And then dessert. And even a little empty box to put your drink in. Oh how I wish food could be served to me like that every day.

I am also planning to get mega wasted on the plane.

AND FINALLY IN CLOSING... I am totally in love with Edward, despite him being a figment of Stephanie Myer's imagination. Oh and I got my uni results back for this semester. 2 Ds and 1 HD but I will do better next year. Term wam for 2008 is 80.3 or something............ so will definetely do better next year.