Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Just wanted to quickly update before I go to sleep.

I worked 48 hours last week. Omgomgomgomg! DUTY FREE SHOPPING hehehehehehe. So happy now. Going to try and work less this week because I want to spend time with my friends before I go overseas for fricking 5 weeks with just my boyfriend.

On that note. FUCK MY FRIENDS! (Hahaha). At the beginning of the year, EVERYONE said they were going to go to Korea. So Jingi and I went off and bought our plane tickets first, thinking everyone would soon follow. Everyone else just ended up deciding going overseas was too expensive/whatever reason and are staying here. So now. It is. Just me and him. How fun :/ No seriously. It will be tres awesome. Like all the korean dramas and movies. Very very romantic. HA ha ha.

5 weeks = a long time. Does anyone else realise how long this is? Initially we were going to be there for like 7 weeks! Can you imagine? But we changed the date of departure and now it's only 5 weeks.

Okay. Enough jibber jabber. Uploaded photos from my phone last night - for the first time in six months. And here they are. I also untagged myself in all my photos on Facebook so that I can be less available on the net and shit and more people will want to see more photos of me etc etc. HAHAHA KEEP THEM WANTING MORE. Work tomorrow :(

Jingi sleeping with Sam!!!

Me being a luvo

This was taken with my phone near Gloria Jeans at Capitol WITH NO SPECIAL EFFECTS. It was seriously just like this. How beautiful.

Hahaha. Jingi and my umbrella

Tony and Jingi at work reading about how sexy things.


Eyelash extensions from the side.

Poncho :)

HOW CUTE@!! Jingi and ice cream.

This nail polish is the SAME color as the green Commonwealth debit cards. I am serious. Like actually exactly the same shade. No B.S.

Playing with Sam before I go to sleep


Pretty girl.