Monday, November 03, 2008

Gossip Girl Season 2..... now THAT is drama. Woooooohoooo. Blair Waldorf is NUMERO UNO. THE.BEST.TV.CHARACTER EVERRRRRRRR. And I mean everrrrrrrrr.

Anyways. I'm going overseas in exactly one month! (At this point I had to text message the boyf in all capital letters saying how excited I am etc etc. Lol.) Omg how exciting.

Even though I've saved like $150 HAHAHAHA what a joke. Poor parents. OUR poor parents. Initially it was "Mum I'm going overseas at the end of the year! I will save up for myself but can you spot me like a few hundred in case I'm short?"

And now it's "Mum... can you shout me a holiday kthxbye!" Hehehehe.