Saturday, November 01, 2008
STOP READING MY BLOG!!! ((This is my disclaimer))

Sorry general audience. Stop wasting your time reading about me wasting my time. Because it.is.just.that - A WASTE OF TIME.

Look. I am a very boring person - I don't understand why people would read what I have to say. There's no photos to look at. I am not 'LEMMING' (gayest word in the world by the way) anything from the shops. If I ever get around to buying stuff I do not take photos of it and tell everyone how cool it is and make everyone think I am a fashionista (hahahaha as if anyone would think that!!).

If you are still reading this since 4 years ago... then stop. And move on with your life.

Yep. And if you come here reading my blog and thinking I am such a loser for still blogging then YOU ARE THE LOSER, NOT ME. Because you are coming back to this shitty site to read about me under no duress. Am I holding a gun to your head? Nope.

But if you really think I am the coolest person ever (in which case, I really pity you), then by all means come and worship me.

Hahahahahaha. This is not for any body in particular.

I just don't understand why people read blogs!!!! Especially mine!!