Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Have you ever had someone you've known for a long time, suddenly change the way they act around you? For one, there's a lot more awkward silences and small-chat and the time you spend together is nothing like before.

It is driving me up the fucking wall. Especially because he hasn't said anything to me about why there is this sudden change. So I spend the awkward silences wondering what the hell went wrong, or wondering if this is all in my imagination and everything is actually fucking sweet and I'm actually the one acting weird.

But I really don't think it's the latter.

Even the text messages he sends me are retarded... Like he's just sending them to me because he feels like he should, if he messages at all. And if he is replying a message, it seems like he hasn't even read the message I sent to him! As if he's just sending a generic message back.

ANNOYING much. More sad than annoying though because I really enjoy his company but the problem might be he doesn't feel the same. If this were the case then I wish he would just say something to me so at least I'd know!

Stupid stupid boy.