Wednesday, January 28, 2009
On my way to work today, as I was about to buy a green travel pass ($23!) to get on the train... This old guy came up to me and handed me a train ticket. I looked at it for a while and realised it was a green travelpass that expired AFTER today! Soooo I got a free trip to work :D

Then when I got to work, I messaged Jingi and asked if he would be able to come pick me up at 10:30pm which saves me the trouble of buying a train ticket to his house later. AND HE SAID YES! So I got free travel today :) So luckyyy. *Heart!

Anyway. New fad. I LOVE EYE CREAMS. At the moment I am using Clarins Eye Contour Gel, which costs like $60 for 15mls at Myer but I bought it for like $30 at Duty Free! WORTH IT. But I want to buy L'Occitane Immortelle Eye Balm next, because I tried the tester like 3 times at Taiwan airport when Jingi and I were waiting 12 hours for our flight back to Sydney.... I got off the plane tired as shit (no sleep for 3 days & MAJOR jet lag) but I looked like I had a good 12 hour beauty sleep or something.

Okay Sisi. Sooo... Today I made $110.

So far. I owe Jingi like $300+ from
a) the stupid mobile phone that I rented at the airport in Korea so that Jingi could call me when he goes and visits his relos except I only used the phone 3 times or something because Jingi was always with me.
b) DS + r4 card which was the most worth it purchase ever.. but it still means MORE DEBT ON MY BACK.

Omg I feel like I need to call those people that always advertise on TV and are like "ARE YOU BROKE? Banks refusing you loans? Can't make your mortgage payments? Living in the streets? Need cash... fast?" Except they are loan sharks and they are called loan SHARKS because they are evil people that lend you money and charge you like 100% interest.

And these are things that I need to buy
a) Jingi's birthday present
b) FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL tickets so I can pash Pharrell Williams omgomgomgomg. Kidding ;) But who wouldn't.
c) More and more and more eye creams.

Man I wish I had Bill Gates' bank account. HEHE. I wish I could access his account without him knowing. Because with the measly things I would like to purchase... he probably wouldn't even notice that money gone. I JUST WANT TO PAY OFF MY DEBTS, BUY MY BOYFRIEND HIS BIRTHDAY PRESENT, SEE PHARRELL WILLIAMS AND BUY EYE CREAM. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASKKKKKKK?!??!?!?!?!?!