Thursday, February 05, 2009
I am so tired right now.

Tonight I had pho at Flemington, lemon lime bitters at George's cafe (Burwood) and then banana smoothie at Brighton le sands. Crazy stuff. SO MUCH FOR MY DIET OMG #%@^!

I am actually pretty Fungry right now. But I know I'm going to sleep soon so I am definetely not eating. Even though I know my mum made really nice fried rice tonight and there's leftovers in the fridge. Omgomgomg I want to eat it so badly, my tummy is actually raging at me right now.

And WHY DO I KEEP GETTING BITTEN BY MOSQUITOES IN MY SLEEP? So annoying!!!!!!! Mosquito bites on my arms and legs is not the most flattering look. I look like a peasant from Vietnam who sleeps in huts near swamps that have lots of mosquitoes -_-"

...I think we definetely need to buy some MORE SMART MORE SAFE MORTEIN. Hahahaha. Lame.