Wednesday, February 04, 2009
On Saturday night I went to Denistone Park and stepped on a shit load of bindis! I tried to take most of them out that night, but I found one more stuck in my toe that is under the skin on Sunday. So tonight I a whole hour trying to rip it out.

Tools: Nail clippers & sewing needle, sterilised with my lighter.
Method: 1. Clip a chunk of skin off to uncover bindi.
2. Use the needle to be more precise and dig the bindi out of the hole.

CONCLUSION: Bad fucking idea. The needle made the hole deeper and deeper. So now I have a small but deep hole in my big toe. And the worst part of it is.... I don't even know if I got the bindi out yet. It will probably go into my heart through my blood stream and kill me now.

This reminds me of the time I had a mole-like thing on the right side on my face. And I went to see a specialist who said I should remove it ASAP but it would cost like $600 or something ridiculous. And I was swimming at Kace's house so my skin went really soft.... and I just dug that mole out with my finger and some scissors. Out popped a little black hard thing. And then it just healed over and left no scar.

D.I.Y jobs for sure.

Okay now it's getting late so I'm going to play a bit of Naruto PATH OF THE NINJA 2 on DS before I go to sleep :D :D