Monday, February 02, 2009
So I am finally uncapped woohoo! Which is why I uploaded some overdue pictures tonight.

Anyway, I watched the tennis finals tonight with Jingi, even though I hate sports on TV! And I must say Federer losing was very very hard to watch because he was making so many mistakes!!! His mistakes were what cost him the championship. Especially the last set like ggwtf he practically forfeited and gave the points to Nadal!!! ENOUGH about sports. Boring boring boring.

I am going to eat healthily for a while because I am trying to lose weight :D:D Ever since I've come back from Korea I have seriously put on so much weight. By my standards.

Last night was Jegas' 20th birthday at GPO and then Chinese Laundry. Man I got so megadrunk but it was the best... so much fun! But yeah drinking is so crap because after a few hours I just get really dehydrated and get the worst migraines and etc etc.

And future music festival is coming up at the end of the month AND WTF AM I GOING TO WEAR? I will need to buy sunnies. I saw these nice Morrissey sunnies the other day and they are so cheap, but I have to try them on to see if they suit me (which they probably won't. Boo). But I will buy clothes later AFTER I HAVE RETURNED to my old size........ :S

Okay photo time.

A luvo photo of me before work~ :$

KOREAN BBQ EVERYDAY IN korea omg for like $20 or less. YUM!

Chilling for 12 hours inside Taiwan airport, waiting for transfer flight

As above

Fried chicken, SOJUGROSS, instand udon/ramen, peach juice to mix with soju, and more Fried chicken~

At some island that I forgot the name of! But where Winter Sonata was filmed :)