Monday, February 16, 2009
So the other day I was at George's Cafe @ Burwood with Jingi and GUESS WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED.

I ordered an apple cider. And the lady poured half the bottle into a glass cup for me... & I drank it all and when I went to pour the rest of the contents from the bottle into the cup.... A FUCKING DEAD COCKAROACH CAME OUT :(

It must have been in the bottle the whole time. AND I DRANK HALF ITS CONTENTS BEFORE I REALISED. How disgusting is that!!!!! It was one of those small light brown cockaroaches... that have very long legs.... anyway GROSS.

And I didn't make a fuss. I told the lady to take it away and then didn't ask for a replacement (as if I would ever ever drink Appletiser Apple Cider again in my whole life!!!). All that happened was that they didn't make me pay for the stupid cider. But Jingi still had to pay for his ice tea.

My mum said I should have sued the company. I SHOULD HAVEEEE. Because that is so gross and unhygienic.. I can't believe I let that company get away.