Sunday, February 22, 2009
Some people's 25 things are so interesting, while others are so... NOT!

When I'm bored, I always check out the notes application on FB and some people's 25 things are so interesting, I wish they'd written 50 or something. On the other hand, sometimes I read like 2 things on someone's list and I just think to myself GOD YOU ARE SO BORING! You could have chosen 25 of the most interesting things in your whole life............. and if these are it, then I should just delete you as a friend GTFO and do some shit so you can write about it!


Omg. yes.... This month's weather has just been WTFzzzzzzzzz. So retarded.

I went to Jingi's house today and we had Korean bbq pork belly because his parents were making it. AND IT WAS SO NICE. And I also had korean bbq last night at Ben's birthday dinner. And I had it everyday in Korea. AND I'M NOT SICK OF IT. That shit is so niiiiiiiiiiice. Lovelovelove sesame oil & salt & pepper. SO NICE.

I'm so hungry now. I wish I took some home. DA BAO. Hahahaha.

I just realised I always blog at this time. THIS TIME being - after Jingi takes me home and I have finished washing my face / brushing teeth / changing.......


Movie list :
Knowing (starring Jim Carey)
Confessions of a shopoholic (starring Isla Fisher)
and...... okay, so I thought I had a lot of movies I wanted to watch but I'm actually stuck after those two. SO ANYWAY. I guess it's not much of a list.

FUCK why do I always have so much to say about NOTHING?????????? Nfi.

Goodnight kitty cats.