Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Things I don't like.

People who wear leggings as pants. CAN'T YOU AFFORD PANTS? Why are you wearing a t-shirt over leggings (shiny ones especially WTH) when everyone can see you bum move as you walk? It's not even nice. Just buy black jeans. But if your top is long enough to cover that awkward thing... then that's excuseable.

People who hate people who wear things from chain stores. WTF is wrong with chain stores? Or people who buy something from General Pants and then see someone wearing the same thing as them and bagging the other person out.

People who have plenty of money and own heaps of luxury bags/wallets/sunnies but always wear the same clothes, that aren't even nice! I don't understand. Clearly money isn't a problem for you... so why don't you buy more clothes? If you can buy $2000 bags, why don't you buy another pair of jeans? E.g. Nessa knows this girl from her tafe who has the most expensive accessories and drives a very expensive car... but always wears the ugliest fake made-in-china shirts.. or jeans with grafitti on them etc etc...

And........hehehe. What else don't I like?

And I especially hate people who tell everyone how much their clothes are, every chance they get. E.g. "Omg don't spill anything on these $300 jeans!!" "I like those girls sunnies, the ones I'm wearing are $800!" That's nice! Good for you! I'm happy for you! If I was dying to know how much your whole outfit cost I would have ASKED YOU.


Watching Bride Wars tomorrow with Ness and Alice and then Jingi and I are going to visit Guylian cafe and check it out!!! SO EXCITED YAYAYAYAy.

It's like a date (L) kind of. Hehe.