Wednesday, February 11, 2009
You are so obsessed with your own problems that you never listen to other people's. I am not a bad weather friend, please do not only come to me when you have problems with your significant other and you need a place to rant and someone to take your side.

I always take your side. I always listen to you. Always return your messages and always return your calls. I don't remember a time since we've been friends when I didn't try and go out of my way to listen to you when you had problems.

BUT WHEN I HAVE PROBLEMS, your problems are always more important... so we listen to yours. Then when you don't have problems.... I never hear from you.

WOW thanks good friend. I wish more of my friends were like that. (NOT!!!)

Which makes me very thankful that I have other friends who never dog me or only talk about themselves.

Today I went to Concord with Alice and Ness to have coffee. To be honest, my coffee wasn't that nice. My coffee wasn't even hot enough guys..... But I didn't want to be a KJ and complain. Then we had dinner at this really nice Thai place, before going to Burwood and watching BRIDE WARS. And after that movie.... weddings seem like a big hassle : Now I'm so scared that I am going to be with someone for like 6 years only to break up.. and have to start all over!

Then Jingi came to pick me up and we went to GUYLIAN cafe at The Rocks because he promised me and it was so nice :) But $9 for a milkshake...... means I might only go there once a year! Hehehe. So povo.

And Vanessa and Alice asked if I wanted to go with them and their friends to The Entrance next week... and I called Jingi and he said YES!!!! Which was really surprising because he's usually like "I don't know them.... you go... I don't really want to go... etc etc" and today he was just like "Yep" AND I WAS SO EFFING HAPPY. Omg yay.