Thursday, March 19, 2009
Ok fuck Fitness First.

I have had my membership for like 2 years or more now and I haven't been to the gym since JULY 2007 I'm not joking.

In NOVEMBER 2007 I went to cancel it and they said I had to cancel after December because I had to have like... one minimum year or membership. The Human resource manager told me that if I wrote a letter and faxed it in, then I would be able to cancel it ANY TIME AFTER DECEMBER. But then I went overseas on holiday. And forgot all about it. And they've been taking $20 out of my account every week.

I went in on Tuesday to write them a letter of cancellation and they said I couldn't just cancel. I had to have an appointment with the Human Resources manager. I said WHY? I know WTF she's going to say. She's going to ask me why, she's going to ask me if I'd like to just freeze the account for a while and think it over blahblahblah She will try to get me to stay with Fitness First. BUT I TOLD HER, I was going to quit no matter what.

Anyway after arguing with her for a long time. She had the nerve to say "Well you have no evidence that you saw the HR manager in 2007, no written proof that she said you could write a letter."

.............................................. Who the hell asks for a receipt after a 5 minute talk????

So finally she calls up the HR on the phone (because the HR couldn't come out to see me from her office, to let me sign forms for like 2 minutes). And they agree that I can write a letter of cancellation.

So I wrote it and gave her back the membership card and left. I thought about it and went back, wrote a note to confirm they had received my letter of cancellation and my membership card back on 17/03 and made the girl at the counter sign in.

And she thought I was crazy. BUT FUCK I learn from my mistakes. How would I protect myself if they said I never went in and never gave them the membership card or cancellation letter and continued taking money out of my account? HM???

So Fair Trading commission gives this advice to all CONSUMERS: Everything a receptionist/worker says to you... If it is important, make them sign their name confirming they did say something like this.

Because SHIT FUCKING HAPPENS. And all idiots try to save their arses and then they deny they've ever seen you in their life etc etc.

Fuck Fitness First.

They beg you to join them. And when you join them they're so nice to you. They told me if I didn't go for 6 months, they'd give me a call to find out if I would continue going.... Or try to encourage / motivate me. I didn't go there for 1.5 years and they didn't call me for shit. When I signed up... the Human Resource manager came out IMMEDIATELY to greet and treat me like I was the most important person in the world. When it comes to cancelling... she had no appointment and would not come out of her fucking office.


/ rant