Sunday, March 01, 2009
Omg Hinata finally admits she LOVES Naruto after all these years. My eyes even started tearing up. :):) Hinata's so boring though, I wish she was stronger... like Neji. Then they would make an awesome team.

I missed The cube last night boo :( Lucky Jingi and I stayed to see Pharrell (Even though all our friends left because they cbf-ed the crowds pushing and stuff. This random leb guy asked if we could sell him 3 cigarettes for 5 bucks so that was a good deal :D Then he took us towards the front so we had a much better view of Pharrell. Bahahaha. And we were lying on the grass and looking at clouds again hahahaha. So random.

Anyway. :) I'm just happy I woke up okay today. I AM SO GLAD!

Probably going to have an early night tonight... might sleep in half an hour or so. Must get sleeping patterns back to normal for uni.