Thursday, March 26, 2009

I feel like I'm always saying "I'm just staying home today, I got work to do... just studying."

I watched Notorious B.I.G today at Maquarie with Jingi and it was such a good movie!! I really liked it. HOW hot is Lil' Kim and Faith Evans in that movie.....can't believe it!! And Tupac is such a little weirdo in that movie... ADHD much??? :I

That's pretty much all I had to say.
Omgsomuchassignments :@:@:@:@

If anyone watches BBF (the Korean version of Meteor Garden / Hana yori dango) and has seen Episode 22+23. HOW GOOD IS IT!!!!! WOOOOW. I'm capped right so Jingi picked me up from uni today and I watched it on his computer and farrrroout.

Fuck this is going to be hard to explain.
So this guy was meant to meet the love of his life a few years ago on Valentine's Day morning at 7am on this particular building right, and because he has a shit family life and doesn't believe in happy endings blahblah cliche... he doesn't even go. And she gets over him but like, she'll always be 'the one that got away' to him.

& FIIIIIINALLY he goes to the top of the building at sunrise to see what she wanted to show him. And there's two buildings with billboards on top of them, and just as the sun rises between them.... a few works disappear (from the glare or something) and the two bill boards end up saying "I LOVE YOU (insert guy's name here)"

FUCK. :(:( HOW SAD. And he gets down on the floor and cries and goes OMGGGGGG I WANT TO REDO IT. I FUCKED UP SO BAD. I WANT TO HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE. but gg he can't.

& Even in the chinese version it was like one of my favourite scenes of all time. Back when Rainie was ugly and not famous.. bahahaha. fckn omg worddddddd.

and party and bullshit and party and bullshit and party and bullshit :D