Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I just saw a photo of a man being horrible to an elephant and it made me so sad. And then I googled it and now I feel worse. Because people are so mean to elephants. They take elephants away and train them to do all this stuff that their bodies aren't made to do.... and they all die early and get punished all the time... SO SAD!!!

I can't believe humans are so awful to animals.

And I see the STOP BEAR BILE poster every day when Jingi drives me home and I finally went to the site an I almost cried. It's so sad :( Bears are naturally curious creatures and they are bred in these shit little cages that they barely fit in, with a tube stuck in their gallbladder their WHOLE lives ...... so that people can use the liquid that comes from it. AND IT'S AWFUL. Because we don't really NEED the bile. It's so unneccessary. We can use OTHER things to replace the bile.

And WSPA's highlighted article today was about bears in Pakistan who are just bred to fight. One bear had to fight 15 fights in one day with two dogs. And the dogs always bit their face and stuff... and they fight until they die. THAT IS FUCKING HORRIBLE. Omg. I think I might actually cry.

Please have a look at the link and just read it. Even if you don't donate... you should at least be aware of what's going on around the world.