Friday, March 13, 2009
This whole week I've been sleeping early (relatively) and waking up early. And I feel great. I have long days that are more productive than any day in my 3 month holidays. YAY.

Tonight I went to Max Brenner at Parramatta with Jingi and I MUST SAY... it was only so-so. It is not half as good as I remembered it being. So Guylian & Lindt ftw.

Last night I went to watch CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC with Jingi. I wrote it down on his monthly planner and he came and picked me up from uni to watch it with me AWWWW. But I felt bad afterwards because I realised, the last two movies we watched (He's just not that into you, confessions of a shopaholic) were chick flicks that I made him watch. BLAH.

I promised I would watch whatever movie he wanted to next. Lol.

I'm waiting for the Nicholas Cage movie that comes out this month: THE KNOWING. And also.... I'm going to watch the Hannah Montana movie :D:D:D:D Don't judge me.