Sunday, April 26, 2009
I make it raiiinnn on them hoesss. ;D

I feel like every month I post a blog that says: I am capped.

So here's this months.

I am capped!! Farrout school holidays = gg net because my sister's stay home and use the net all day ahhhh.

Happy Anzac Day, I guess! Yay for getting domo'd by the Turks but still being able to get drunk and party and celebrate it. That is the Aussie way I guess. AS LONG AS WE TRIED RIGHT? :)

Jingi picked me up to go to Uni today to do assessments, stopped by Starbucks for a drink and then got to Uni at about 3pm and left at 12am!!!! Crazy!! Non stop work haha. And then on the way home we drove past Oxford Street and................ Let me just say : It seems to me like people just use ANY excuse to get drunk and be silly.