Sunday, April 05, 2009
I'll be your Princess and you'll be my Toad.
You'll follow me on Rainbow Road and protect me from red shells wherever we go.

The weather is starting to cool down now. I was at Strathfield at about 6pm tonight and it was so windy and cold :( Gloomy.

Next week I am going to rent a whole bunch of movies in the same genre and have a movie marathon with Jingi ;D I haven't asked him yet but he should be fine with it. Some time last year, we borrowed Lord of the Rings trilogy and got stoned and watched it one after the other. Good move hor hor hor. Well next weekend is midsem break so maybe we can do something like that!

YES I AM SO EXCITED for next weekend, which will be the first weekend I haven't had to study for 6 hours!!!