Thursday, April 09, 2009
Last night I watched the best episode of House on tv. And then after that I watched the crappiest episode of Criminal Minds I've ever seen.

The House episode I watched was the one with Most Def in it and basically he has 'locked in' syndrome. Which is this disorder where you open you are totally aware of everything that's going on but you can't move.

And he can't communicate through blinking yes or no. And then he loses the ability to blink because Foreman screws up some neurology exam and all the doctors don't know if he is still 'awake' or if he is actually 100% brain dead now.

So they hook him up to this machine and if he thinks up enough times, the arrow will move up. YAY which proves he's still got his mind and still knows what's happening.

Anyway, long story short...... he got this locked-in syndrome because he ate some rat pee by accident :) Then House cures him, obviously.