Thursday, April 30, 2009
My mum bought me a laptop yesterday.

And I only have a 60 day trial of Microsoft Office WTH!!! And guess how much Microsoft office costs if you buy it legitimately............ 300 bucks. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS :(:(:( Omg. Bill Gates you bad guy.

The laptop I got is this one... (I've still got the stickers attached) ASUS M51TR. Yeah I have no idea either and Jingi said it won't lag soooo.. yeah. Why did I even get a laptop? I can't even drive to uni. So I have to be an uber douche bag and train it with my laptop... REALLY? *Sigh

It's also got a 1.3megapixel camera that's built in and that's been keeping me preoccupied pretty much all night. Yes Pat once said I get amused way too easily and it's so true. I need to get a life!!!

Tomorrow I am working 10am - 8:30pm again omg. It's sooo tiring but shit it feels nice when it's pay day HAHA. Yay tomorrow is pay day for LAST Friday when I worked 10-8:30. NUTS.


Here are some photos I took tonight hahaha. Please don't judge me!! (I even thought up clever, haha relatively, captions to go along with them!)

I'm blue! If I was green I would die..

My pig flu mask for this season ;D

Touch my face fat! (L)