Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Achieved a lot today.

Jingi and I ate $160 worth of crab at Harry's Singapore Chilli Crab for lunch. And tonight we went to watch Star Trek omgomgomg. Lol how smart is Spark!! It was such a good movie and so so so funny.

And I am stressing out about uni assessments. I have this essay due next Monday which I have barely started. I don't even know HOW to start actually. The lecturer is talking about wanting high quality literacy: correctly puncuated, articulate, coherent and significant arguments. Such high demands! I'm scared I might just hand in this amateur first-year equivalent paper omgomg.OMG!!!!

Then I have two weeks to start and finish another paper worth 40% which I haven't even LOOKED at yet. Then I've got to read two novels on top of that, which I have to write an in-class paper about. Then I have one week to do ANOTHER 40% paper on Genocide which I have not started either......

I might die :(

I wish I was as smart as Spark!!!!!!!!