Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Far out I have sent TWO emails to TWO different people about my progression check for Uni and no one has replied to me yet.

WTF do they do up there in the Arts department?! Like Jingi asked for his progression check and got it THE NEXT DAY (Lucky him for being in FBE aka the most efficient office at UNSW). I have waited a whole week. It's not even that hard? They just have to log on and check out what subjects I've already done and email me back telling me the ones I haven't done.


I have two assessments due and two exams next week (@$$^#$^#!!$@!~!~!!!) Today was meant to be like full-on study day and I ended up watching Masterchef catch-up episodes on http://www.masterchef.com.au/ until 5pm. Then I did a tiny bit of work... got around to writing about 1000 words out of 3000 (for my first assessment) and I'm pretty sure I wasn't even thinking as I was writing it because I was watching youtube videos etc etc.


Talking to people about future and careers and all that stuff. Gee I guess I haven't really thought that far ahead. I hate growing up. Every time I've "grown up" and climbed that ladder, life just gets harder. I went from a baby to going to pre-school then primary school then high school and then Uni and then workforce and then die.

Life is not looking great from that perspective.