Tuesday, May 19, 2009
First of all: I GOT FAT. :( This is so sad. Lolololol I think I turned 20 and I just lost my metabolism.

Next on the agenda..
Remember how I mentioned my aunty and grandmother are visiting in Australia for the next month? Well...
1) My aunty is talking to my uncle on webcam and they are talking about swine flu LOL. They are so cute together. My uncle's like "Are you happy? I miss your cooking" etc etc. Lol. I'm glad not all marriages are FAIL like they're portrayed in western tv.
2) My grandma got old. I stayed with her for 1 year when I was like 6 years old and I studied there. She used to own a book shop and go to markets and just catch public transport. She did everything!!! She could walk sooooo much without getting tired. (I also stole change from her change draw every morning to buy lollies before school... til I got busted!!!)
Now she's like so old: she can't see very well, needs help getting out of the car, is so forgetful and always repeats herself.

Anyway. Now my grandmother AND my mum AND my aunty are all crowded around the other computer, they are ALL talking about swine flu. "If you get a cold, go see a doctor straight away." And my grandmother goes "Take (insert some chinese medicine) here and it makes you better. It's good for your immune system."
Everyone else: Why do you believe things so easily?
And she's just going on and on about how she's tried it before and it works.

Watched a movie told. ANGELS AND DEMONS was pretty good. Quite long. I want to watch 1AD or something. Lololol with Jack Black omg looks so funny. I think it comes out next week so I'll watch it then.

I'M FAT FAT FAT. fat fat fat. pleaaaaase go to my boobs. ;)