Sunday, May 24, 2009
Friday's Naruto chapter was just like WTH? Is Nagata going to give Rinnegan to Naruto... because if so, that is a bit bullshit. And Naruto will be TOO effing strong.

Last night learnt to drive lol. I finally didn't just drive on on my street, I actually went out and drove around the block like twice! Anyways when I got out of the car I was SHAKING. It didn't help that Jingi kept going "OMG INDIDICATE. STOP. STAY IN THE LEFT LANE!!!!! OMG THAT WAS SUCH A BAD TURN. GET OUT, LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT YOU JUST DID!!"

Eep :S

but yeah shit. I'm going to get my L's this holidays so my parents can buy me a mini asap!!