Wednesday, May 13, 2009
I ate crab again tonight because my grandmother and aunty came to visit Australia. And Jingi came to dinner after uni and ate crab too. Lol so much crab in two days!

Anyway, I have to wake up so effing early tomorrow to go to class WHICH I WILL DO farrout I have not been to my first class this whooooole week -_-" I have after-mid-sem-break-itis which means I stop coming to uni regularly lol.

I have to go to uni tomorrow and start writing up my 2000 word essay on pornography and realism. MUST FINISH SOON OMG. So far behind schedule dammit!

I also got my results back for my HSPC elective open-book test (okay I know open-book tests aren't really tests but......) and got 14.50/15! How I lost that half mark I have no idea. But 2 people got full marks... So I was third! And someone got 4/15. HOW? I have no idea but that's pretty silly of them.


Woohoo~ Facebook quiz says people think I'm funny, sincere and trustworthy when they first see me O=) Little do they know. ha ha ha. Okay just kidding. I am actually the nicest person in the world!!!!!!!