Monday, May 25, 2009
I drove around Epping tonight :) Went around a roundabout (first I drove ON the roundabout and then second try, I actually went around it!). Did a shitty three-point turn. Did some pretty good turns... one was actually "perfect" and I am now starting to stick in my own lane.

Pretty happy ;D Hohoho.

During the day Jingi came to pick me up and we were meant to go back to his house to "study" Lol. But first we went to watch a movie called "The Wrong Man" with Josh Hartnett and Lucy Liu. Excellent movie!! But by the time we'd finished it was already 5:40pm or something. So I typed up some notes (while watching Simpsons, Merlin etc) and then Masterchef came on... so I decided to close my laptop for the time being and watch it with Jingi, his sister and her friend. That effectively wasted another hour. And then we did some work after that, then I practised driving and NOW HERE I AM.