Sunday, May 10, 2009
I just like sharing on the internet KAY?

Fuck the poliiiiiiiice. The new show on TV called the Recruits - W.T.F?!

They are all a bunch of idiots!!!! Plus I have heard 102 true stories of Sydney police being corrupt. Taking bribes, taking a large enough amount of drugs and NOT writing anything down - probably so they can sell it or use it themselves etc etc. I saw in the paper they've been caught drink driving too.
YES THEY ARE ONLY HUMAN, so they can be allowed to make mistakes.

But aren't we forgetting one smaaaaaall thing? They are only human, given a SHIT load of power to wreck havoc in Sydney and no doubt there will be some small percent that genuiely respect the law... But just like the rest of the population, MOST OF THEM AREN'T.

And also.

I'm 99% sure they are racist and sexist and age-ist and whatever as well. Because I've heard stories from some white friends of mine who have gotten away with shitload from the police. Then I've heard my mum getting fined for being like 9km over the speed limit. Or else they're just talking down to colored people, talking to asians like they're already guilty.

I mean a cop pulled my friend over for supposedly 'speeding' but my friend told him it wasn't possible because he just came from a red light and he doesn't drive a fucking ferrari and can't really accelerate to 90kms in 2 seconds.... And the police KNEW he had made a mistake. But because he is a total racist FUCKhead he threatened to check my friend's car for defects as if he'd definetely find something to charge him for.

And when my friend showed he wasn't scared because he had nothing to hide. This dickhead goes "You're lucky mate. I've got something to do."

SOMETHING TO DO HUH? What? Turn your siren on just to run red lights? Speed at 180km/h just because you can? Catch some kids with drugs and then take it off him without charging him just to smoke it yourself? Roll your eyes and give shit to an old asian lady just because asians make more money than you?

Is that right?

Before the police waste money on making a stupid TV show to try and make the general population respect them, why don't they first pull their fucking act together and WIN our respect over, by DESERVING it.

Why don't they try that? Until then, no TV show is going to make me respect police officers.

~~~~~~ Went to uni today and did no work :'( What a waste of a day *Sighsighsigh!